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Sidel is Supporting the Growth of Mont Roucous France With a New, Turn-Key Bottling Line For Water in 1 L PET bottles.

Founded in 1977, the Mont Roucous company was sold to Danone in 2000, and in 2007 it became an independent company again. From its early days, Mont Roucous has positioned its water as ideal for mothers and babies and has long been recommended by maternity clinics. With its very low mineral content, the water is perfect for the digestive systems of newborns and infants, who do not yet have mature kidneys. To respond to parents’ needs for greater practicality, Mont Roucous has switched from the 1.5 L to the 1 L format. To handle this increase in production of 1 L bottles, Mont Roucous collaborated with Sidel, one of the world’s leading providers of packaging solutions for liquid foods and opted for a Sidel complete bottling line with an output rate of 40,000 bottles per hour. After the

Nestlé scales back meal delivery presence through Freshly deal

Dive Brief: Nestlé is forming a business that combines its Freshly business, a provider of fresh-prepared meal delivery services in the U.S., with Kettle Cuisine, a manufacturer of fresh artisanal foods for retail and foodservice customers. Kettle Cuisine currently is owned by private equity firm L Catterton. The

Capture Coated Snacks Market with Centrifugal Action

Defined by their crunch, freshness, and flavour-some ingredients — coated snacks are created when food-based ingredients in the form of liquids (or solids) are sprayed onto a product to enhance its texture and taste. In addition to flavouring the product, coatings are also applied to help protect the primary

Beyond Meat Debuts 'Beyond Steak'

The plant-based steak is launching at Kroger and Walmart stores nationwide. Beyond Meat Inc., a leader in plant-based meat, on Monday announced the launch of Beyond Steak, a new innovation designed to deliver the juicy, tender and delicious bite of seared steak tips with the added nutritional and environmental benefits of plant-based meat. Beyond Steak is launching at Kroger and Walmart stores nationwide, as well as at select Albertsons and Ahold divisions and other retailers across the country. As the brand continues to popularize plant-based meat through a portfolio of industry-leading products, Beyond Meat enables consumers to eat the foods they love without having to compromise on taste, nutrition or sustainability. Seared to perfection and chopped into bite-sized pieces, Beyond Steak

Portable 3-A Dairy Dumping-Conveying System

The system is comprised of a manual dumping station with surge hopper, flexible screw conveyor and support boom on a caster-mounted frame. According to Flexicon (Bethlehem, PA), its new manual dumping system with integral conveyor and separate dust collector is suitable for dairy powders, pharmaceutical products and

Edible Sensor Can Tell if Frozen Food Has Thawed

The food-grade device is made from materials including table salt, red cabbage and beeswax. When you’re standing in the frozen food aisle, it’s nearly impossible to know whether that Salisbury steak has thawed and refrozen — a process with potentially harmful consequences. So researchers, reporting in ACS Sensors, have
Ingredients & Additives

Fat Replacers Market Expected to Reach Tremendous Growth by 2032

The fat replacers market is expected to witness growth at a CAGR of 6.4% over the forecast period, reaching a valuation of US$ 4.5 Bn by 2032. Though consumers are well versed with risks of consuming fats daily, people find it hard to cut down on their fat intake because fat makes meals flavorful and tempting. Under such circumstances, fat replacements are great options. Fat substitutes are a safe and effective way to retain food palatability while improving overall calorie control. Fat replacers can be used to develop different food products rich in taste and low in fat content without adding on the pounds. Eating low-fat foods lessens overall calorie intake, resulting in weight loss. Fat substitutes can drastically improve the diet quality and aid in weight loss and maintenance. Salad

Antioxidants Market Growth Factor & Industry Revenue Analysis

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures. They are sometimes called “free-radical scavengers.” The sources of antioxidants can be natural or artificial. Certain plant-based

The Global Plastic Pallets Market

Plastic pallets are stable and flat plastic platforms, which are used to support and transport goods & materials. Plastic pallets are stable and flat plastic platforms, which are used to support and transport goods & materials. Plastic pallets are used in processing and manufacturing units, conveying systems, distribution centers, static storage, and for transportation of heavy items to the production unit. For instance, plastic pallets are used at cold storages & food processing units, supermarkets, butcheries & bakeries, spinning & dying units, packaging sections, cement & fertilizers production units, publishing, and printing houses, by garment exporters, book publishers, and storing & transporting books and stationary items among others. The market is expected to reach 586.05 million

Printing, labelling, and coding: labelling without the labels

Consumers need to know what’s in their food and customers need to know what product they’re moving around their warehouse, but as technology advances what’s the role of traditional labels in the food chain? One of the more drastic approaches to printing and labelling in the food and drink manufacturing space has been
Food Processing

Breeze: A Healthy Ice Cream Made from Grape By-Products Is Born

Leila Khalife and Pamela Slaiby will introduce us to “Breeze”, a healthy ice cream made with 100% Lebanese ingredients and no chemical additives. The extracted polyphenol from the grape waste acts as an antioxidant to reduce health problems and as a cooler for the first five minutes to avoid melting. It All Started with A Childhood Dream… “It all starts with a simple idea about creating our own ice cream shop with an unforgettable experience where you would like to feel the breeze and freeze the moment. It’s the dream of our childhood, eating healthy Lebanese ice cream. It’s about enjoying the experience through original flavors and helping to avoid health problems and fast melt”, Khalife and Slaiby Said. Why is this product so special? they answered: “this idea combines the positive

Seattle Coffee Gear Unveils House Brand Diletta Espresso, Launches Two Machines

Equipment retailer Seattle Coffee Gear has launched its own brand of consumer espresso equipment called Diletta Espresso. The first two machines under the Diletta brand, the Diletta Bello and the Diletta Mio, recently became available for purchase in the United States. All products released under the sub-brand, which

Processed Potato Products Market

Processed Potato Products Market Over the forecast period of 2022 to 2032, the global processed potato products market is anticipated to expand at CAGR of 5.2%. Worldwide consumption of processed potato products is currently valued at US$ 79 Bn, with the market set to reach a valuation of US$ 131.8 Bn by 2032.
Catering & Hospitality

Fermented protein beverages get a clear new twist

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a solution that allows the creation of fermented drinks that are both clear and high in protein – a new innovation in the healthy beverage space. As demonstrated by the continuing popularity of kombucha, drinking yoghurts and clear protein drinks, there is high demand for novel ready-to-drink products. Recent innovations include fermented protein beverages, which offer synergistic health benefits because protein supports the growth and viability of probiotics. The new solution, which is based on 100% whey-based hydrolysates Lacprodan®HYDRO.365 and Nutrilac® FO-8571, opens up new ways to give fermented protein beverages a twist. Because it significantly minimizes cloudiness and sedimentation, it can be used to create high-protein fermented beverages that

Cleaning In Place Market totaling around US$ 16,496.1 Million by 2032

Cleaning In Place Market forecasted to registering 8.5% CAGR during the forecast period (2022-2032) and projected to reach US$ 16,496.1 Million by 2032. Cleaning In Place (CIP) involves cleaning manufacturing equipment used in the food and beverage industry without dismantling the complete machinery set. This system

How Is Robotics Adapting in The Hospitality Industry

Robots in restaurants and bars are making the hospitality industry safer, more efficient and reliable. Last year has been a rough road for everyone, especially for the hospitality industry. Initially, restrictions came for dine-in, lockdown happened, then because of the social distancing rules the number of people
Country Reports

Beyond Meat Expands to 1,600 Locations in Germany

Beyond Meat scores a European win with retail placement in 1,600 German supermarket locations. Despite recent layoffs and cooling sales in the U.S. across the vegan sector, Europe’s demand for plant-based food continues. It’s good news for Beyond Meat, one of the hardest hit by lackluster U.S. sales, which resulted in the company recently laying off 19 percent of its workforce. The California-based company may be picking up steam across the pond, with the new expansion announcement in Germany that saw its flagship burger find placement in 1,600 REWE stores, one of the leading retailers in the country. “At Beyond Meat, we work tirelessly to make our delicious plant-based meat products accessible to everyone,” Jaap Veth, Sales Manager Retail DACH at Beyond Meat, said in a statement. “Half of

Dh250m New Plant is Pivotal to Hotpack's 7-Fold Growth Plan

Currently the largest food packaging products manufacturer in the Middle East with over 3,500 products in its portfolio and 11 plants in the UAE. Hotpack Global, a UAE-based food packaging products manufacturer, said on Monday that its Dh250 million new plant, to be launched on Friday at National Industries Park (NIP),

Cadbury’s First Vegan-Certified Chocolate Bar Arrives in Canada

Mondelēz International has recently introduced Cadbury ‘s Plant Bar, a vegan chocolate version of the brand’s famous Dairy Milk bar, to the Canadian market. Canadians looking to enjoy a dairy-free chocolate treat now have the 90g Plant Bar in Chocolatey Smooth and Salted Caramel flavors available at retailers
Logistics & Supply Chain

Key Technology Introduces High Capacity Veryx B210

Key Technology introduces the highest capacity digital sorter in the food processing industry - the new VERYX B210. With an inspection area over 2 meters wide, the belt-fed VERYX B210 maximizes throughput on high-capacity lines. Like all sorters in the VERYX family, the new B210 features advanced detection technology and an innovative system architecture that improve sorting accuracy. Recognizing objects' color, size, shape and/or structural properties, VERYX sorters remove foreign material (FM) and product defects to improve product quality while virtually eliminating false rejects to increase yields. Featuring a 2100-mm wide inspection zone, VERYX B210 offers a production capacity in excess of 23 metric tons (50,000 lb.) of product per hour, depending on the application. With an

Food Supply Chain Industry

Numerous factors, such as forecasting accuracy, meaningful synthesis of business data, and increasing awareness about the benefits offered by supply chain analytics, are collectively responsible for driving growth of the market. Supply chain analytics solutions facilitate better strategic decision making, and help


Industrial Automation can be defined as the use of computer aided control devices to operate different industrial processes by replacing human involvement. Industrial automation helps to operate multiple processes in controlled manner. It helps for mass production by reducing time and increasing production quality.
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A new year (and a new decade!) is almost upon us. It wouldn’t be December without sharing my thoughts on the tech trends and developments we can anticipate in 2020. Here are eight important, but not obvious, technology trends just over the horizon.

The Consistency Strategy

Chris Gibson is an author, a franchise veteran and a F&B specialist with over 25 years of experience in the industry. After heading up some well-known brands that have restaurants all over the World, he is now based in the Middle East and is developing some exciting new food concepts with a vision to take these to new

Social Media Predicts Food Trends

New food trends are hard to predict. Food trends are strongly connected to different cultural aspects and are highly influenced by social media. Some big influencers in today’s society are the bloggers who have thousands and millions of followers. Bloggers use their platforms to promote different brands and lifestyles,

The Specialty Food Festival 2022

MENA's Leading event for the Gourmet and Fine Food Industry From 8-10 November 2022, The Speciality Food Festival will turn Dubai World Trade Centre into a bustling global marketplace and experiential ground for everything artisanal, speciality food and exotic ingredients. Catering to the exclusive hospitality &

Private Label & Licensing Middle East

Private Label & Licensing Middle East is MENA’s only event where buyers can get straight to the source for cost-effective customizable products, branding & packaging solutions, bringing together food & and non-food suppliers, private label & contract manufacturers from over 30 countries across the globe, all
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De Groot: We Focus On The Market Of ‘Healthier Indulgence’

foodHQ conducted an interview with Gea de Groot, Product Group Manager Food Ingredients at FrieslandCampina Kievit. The company is a global manufacturer of beverage and food ingredients, and it is trusted by the world’s best loved brands to provide superior ingredient solutions.

The Five Pillars of Sustainability

Dr. Martin Berlekamp/Max Wolfmaier: Under the guiding principle of “rethink”, Schur Flexibles Group is presenting a sustainability program for greater environmental and climate protection. The recent European Plastics Strategy, developed by the EU Commission, is the result of an assessment of the global challenges

Sealing Technology: The Overlooked Backbone of a Successful Production Line

From product quality to output speed, uptime and design, sealing affects vital aspects of brand image and, ultimately, business success. However, the outcome depends on just how well the sealing technology is suited to the individual product, environment, production parameters and materials. The importance of the