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SIAL Paris Reasserts Its Standing as The World’s Foremost Food Industry Event

November 2022

Events - Events Review

SIAL Paris Reasserts Its Standing as The World’s Foremost Food Industry Event

November 2022

The latest edition of SIAL Paris has just come to a close. The results are extremely positive, showing it to be the world’s first large-scale event to succeed in reaching its pre-pandemic level, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors. Indeed, the trade fair assembled more than 7,000 exhibitors from 127 countries (90% from abroad) with admission figures nearly equivalent to those of 2018: 265,000 professionals and an even more spectacular proportion of visitors from abroad (85%) including 50% importers/exporters and 8,000 top purchasers who alone represent a purchasing portfolio of more than 50 billion euros. The event upheld all its promises to reunite the businesses of the sector, reinforcing its position as the not-to-be-missed gathering of the worldwide agribusiness field.

The Worldwide Happening for Food Innovation And Culinary Diplomacy

This edition – which got started on a Saturday for the first time in its history – was a fabulous medley of ingredients, recipes and flavors: an unparalleled worldwide showcase of the dynamic Food Planet, consolidating business leaders, inventors, producers, entrepreneurs, distributors and restaurateurs.

This is truly the worldwide laboratory for food innovation in every sense of the word. The agrifood industry is showing resilience and an incredible capacity to face enormous challenges: namely, to feed 10 billion human beings by 2050 in an ethical way while protecting the planet, in the words of Nicolas Trentesaux, General Director of SIAL Network.

This observation resonates with the statements of this year’s spokesperson for the event, three-star Chef Mauro Colagreco. He eloquently declared:

The history of humanity is built on great dreams which came true and went on to become customary. That is why it is important to keep dreaming.”

What better encouragement to embrace change and continue innovating, always and forever!

SIAL Paris is unique yet complete in the way it intermingles various experiences in the food industry. The sectors that matter and those that remain, those which are just emerging, and the up-and-comers that will make a difference tomorrow in France, the United States, South Korea and elsewhere.

This was an assembly of companies presenting the most premium products, those committed to more sustainable production methods, and those focusing on more affordable offers, in order to reach consumers seeking enjoyment, maintaining a healthy balance, and making the most of their purchasing power

The five-day event hosted a succession of 120 official visits by international delegations, demonstrating that food and the culinary arts are increasingly important drivers for a country’s communication and more generally its diplomacy. For the first time, Italy was the most prevalently represented country at SIAL, with more than 800 exhibitors promoting the simplicity and finesse of its flavorful cookery. This edition enjoyed considerable participation from the European countries and a very strong prevalence of purchasers from Turkey, the United States, South Korea and Brazil. South Korea also demonstrated itself to be a new expression for gourmet expression, with 132 brands exhibiting within its pavilion, showcasing their appeal through the skills of Korean chefs and also a renowned French chef, Eric Trochon. A Korean brand also received a SIAL Innovation Grand Prix in the Savory Dry Goods category for the freeze-dried version of a dish which is emblematic of the country’s gourmet heritage: kimchi.

Own The Change,” A Theme Embodied by SIAL Innovation, SIAL Talks And SIAL Startup

SIAL could not have had a more fitting theme than “OWN THE CHANGE” which highlighted all the links in the chain which are joining the commitment to innovate, produce, distribute and consume in a more virtuous way.

This is a way for SIAL to project itself into the future and thus provide assistance in anticipating tomorrow’s ingredients and technologies as well as consumer expectations in terms of health, authenticity, transparency and enjoyment.

As an extension of this dynamic, the new CXMP BtoB marketplace will make it possible for exhibitors and visitors to continue their online dealings well beyond the trade fair. This essential business tool, specially designed for professionals, already boasts 6 million pages viewed.

SIAL PARIS is already beginning to prepare for its next edition, from October 19 to 23, 2024. Once again, it promises to rally all the professionals of the Food Planet, and moreover will celebrate an important milestone for the trade fair: its 60th anniversary!

The Paris-based trade fair has just come to a close, but SIAL Network still has great events in store by the end of the year with three upcoming events: SIAL Interfood Jakarta, SIAL in India New Delhi, and SIAL in China Shanghai.


Organized by Comexposium, SIAL Paris is the largest food industry trade fair in the world with more than 7,000 exhibitors and 400,000 exhibited products. A business generator, every two years it provides unique insights into trends and opportunities in the sector. The event is part of the SIAL Network, the world’s largest network of food and drink trade fairs. Through twelve regular events (SIAL Paris, SIAL Canada in Montreal and Toronto, SIAL in China / Shanghai and Shenzhen, SIAL Interfood in Jakarta, SIAL in India / New Delhi and Mumbai, SIAL America in Las Vegas, Gourmet Selection by SIAL, Cheese and Dairy Products and Djazagro in Algiers), the network brings together 17,000 exhibitors and 700,000 professionals from 200 countries.

The next SIAL Paris will be held from 19 to 23 October 2024 at Paris Nord Villepinte.


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