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MENA Industry Titans Gather at Uaerg Food Service Forum and Images RetailME Food Business Forum

The MENA region recently witnessed a convergence of industry titans at the Uaerg Food Service Forum and Images RetailME Food Business Forum, held at the JW Marriott Hotel Marina in Dubai. These events aimed to explore novel prospects and foster innovation within the Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering (HoReCa) and Food and Grocery Retail sectors. The forums were a significant success, attracting over 400 attendees, 100 speakers, and featuring 20 informative sessions. Recognizing the crucial role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the food business landscape, Mohamed Alabbar, founder of Noon, emphasized the secure and supportive environment for industry growth under the country's leadership. He highlighted that SMEs constitute approximately 70 percent of the 30,000 food outlets in Dubai,

Agriculture on a Knife-Edge: NFU President Calls for Political Support and Investment in UK Farming

The agricultural sector in the United Kingdom stands at a critical juncture, as National Farmers’ Union (NFU) president Tom Bradshaw highlights the urgent need for political parties to delineate policies that will support farmers in investing in sustainable food production. Addressing the pressing issues faced by the industry, Mr. Bradshaw has called for a significant increase in the UK agricultural budget to £5.5 billion annually. This investment is deemed essential for meeting environmental targets and bolstering sustainable agricultural practices. Mr. Bradshaw emphasizes the necessity of measures to prevent the importation of food not produced to the standards legally required in the UK. He also advocates for the reform of planning rules to assist farming businesses in investing in

Transforming Food Systems: A Path to Sustainable Agriculture

The food sector significantly contributes to the climate and nature crises, with the processes involved in growing, distributing, consuming, and disposing of food responsible for one-third of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Food systems also contribute to biodiversity loss and account for 70% of freshwater

Addressing Food Waste: An Urgent Climate Priority

In December of last year, COP28 – the United Nations conference on climate change – brought together climate scientists, business leaders, politicians, journalists, and NGOs to seek solutions to one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change. While energy dominated much of the conversation, there was a
Ingredients & Additives

Global Food Prices Show Slight Increase in April 2024 Amid Mixed Commodity Trends

The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI) recorded a modest rise in April 2024, reaching 119.1 points, a 0.3-point (0.3 percent) increase from its revised March level. This marks the second consecutive monthly increase following a seven-month decline. However, the FFPI remains 9.6 points (7.4 percent) lower than its value in April 2023. The April uptick was driven by increases in the meat, vegetable oil, and cereal price indices, which outweighed decreases in the sugar and dairy price indices. Cereal Prices: Stabilization and Divergent Trends The FAO Cereal Price Index averaged 111.2 points in April, a slight rise of 0.3 points (0.3 percent) from March, yet it stands 25 points (18.3 percent) below its April 2023 level. Wheat export prices, which had been declining for three months, stabilized in

The Sweet Debate: Artificial Sweeteners and Their Impact on Health

In the ongoing quest for healthier lifestyles, the debate surrounding artificial sweeteners has reached a critical juncture. Recent studies have shed light on the potential risks associated with these sugar substitutes, challenging their long-held status as a healthier alternative to traditional sugary drinks. As

Advancing Liquid Food Packaging: Syntegon Technology GmbH and KHS Innovate Filling Technology

In an ever-evolving landscape of liquid food packaging, innovation stands as the cornerstone of progress. The pursuit of enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and hygiene standards drives industry leaders to continually push the boundaries of technology. Recently, two prominent players in the field, Syntegon Technology GmbH and KHS, have emerged with groundbreaking advancements in bottle-filling technology. Their latest offerings, the FBL filling machine from Syntegon and the aseptic block for bottle sterilization from KHS, promise to revolutionize liquid food packaging, setting new benchmarks for the industry. Syntegon's FBL filling machine, a recent addition to its Ampack portfolio, stands at the forefront of innovation. Designed for preformed HDPE, PP, and PET bottles, the FBL machine

Bulltec Revolutionizes Fennel Processing for Colt.Or Cooperative

In a bid to elevate the standards of fennel processing, Bulltec, a leading innovator in agricultural technology, has recently collaborated with Colt.Or Cooperative in Ortucchio, L'Aquila, to introduce a cutting-edge electronic processing and grading system. The initiative marks a significant milestone in the realm of agricultural technology, promising enhanced efficiency, quality, and sustainability in the production process. Ruggero Ricci, the owner of Bulltec, elucidated on the groundbreaking system, emphasizing its unparalleled features. Comprising entirely of stainless steel, the system is meticulously designed to process harvested fennel, rendering it primed for shipping. A patented grader forms the nucleus of the system, boasting 7 + 1 outputs to ensure precise grading and sorting of
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Berry Launches New Range of Tableware, Designed with Sustainability in Mind

In today's foodservice industry, the call for sustainable solutions is becoming increasingly urgent. Addressing this demand head-on, Berry Global has introduced an innovative reusable tableware range aimed at tackling environmental concerns while meeting the needs of businesses and customers alike. At the heart of Berry Global's initiative lies a commitment to functional design tailored to diverse foodservice requirements. The range boasts bowls and lids carefully crafted to accommodate various food types, from hearty meals to delicate desserts. Clear lids offer an enticing view of the contents, enhancing presentation, while customizable in-mould labeling options enable businesses to showcase their brand identity. Operational efficiency and convenience are key features of this range.

How Unique Entertainment is Spicing Up Restaurants and Boosting Your Bottom Line

In today's competitive dining landscape, delicious food alone isn't enough. Diners crave experiences, connections, and memories that set your restaurant apart from the rest. This is where the vibrant trend of unique entertainment comes in, offering a potent blend of fun, engagement, and, yes, even increased revenue for
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iGA's Botanical Atlas Project Wins Smart Cities Award

During the opening ceremony of the 7th edition of the Bahrain Smart Cities Summit 2024, held from March 5th to 6th at the Gulf Hotel, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) clinched the prestigious Smart Cities Award in the category of "Advancements in Food Security and Agri-Tech" for its groundbreaking Botanical Atlas project. Mohammed Ali Al-Qaed, the iGA Chief Executive, expressed profound gratitude to the organizers of the award and the summit, emphasizing the Botanical Atlas project's significance in providing innovative solutions that bolster sustainable practices and fortify food security. Launched in March 2023, the Botanical Atlas project stands as a national endeavor offering a unique initiative facilitating crop health monitoring, agricultural land use optimization,

Challenges and Innovations in China's Food Industry Amid Economic Growth

As China continues to experience robust economic growth, its food industry faces a dynamic landscape marked by challenges and innovations. From traditional staples like pork to modern fast-food chains, the sector navigates a range of factors influencing production, consumption, and market dynamics. In the first quarter

Fi Europe 2023 setting new milestones as the global F&B industry reunites in Frankfurt.

In a significant year for benchmarking the success of organized events, Fi Europe 2023 demonstrated an unprecedented demand for a dynamic platform that unites the international ingredients industry. This year's event, which drew 23,149 attendees from 135 countries worldwide, proved to be a resounding success, reinforcing its positive impact on innovation, collaboration, and dialogue within the F&B industry. Looking ahead, Fi Europe is scheduled to return to Frankfurt from November 19-21 next year. The build-up commenced on November 20, with the event platform going live, providing attendees exclusive content previews, meeting coordination, and access to a live keynote session. On November 27, the Future of Nutrition Summit initiated a meticulously curated, in-person content program aimed

Gulfood 2023

Gulfood 2023 20 – 24 February 2023 The Largest F&B Sourcing Event in the World Gulfood underscores the UAE’s status at the forefront of sector change and leading the role in tackling global issues. Driving creativity and change, in February 2023, the 28th edition of Gulfood will continue to unite food and beverage


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