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Alternatives Food Preservation Techniques in the Current Market

December 2023

Articles - Preservatives & Texturisers

Alternatives Food Preservation Techniques in the Current Market

December 2023

For centuries, humans have grappled with keeping food safe and palatable. From basic salting to the ubiquitous refrigerator, our methods have evolved. But today, a revolution in food preservation is underway, promising not just extended shelf life, but enhanced safety, better taste, and even reduced environmental impact. Let's dive into some of these exciting alternatives and see how industry leaders are championing them:

1. Pulsed Electric Field (PEF): Zapping Away Spoilage, Preserving Freshness

Imagine a vibrant glass of freshly squeezed orange juice weeks after it was pressed. PEF makes this possible by zapping the juice with short, intense bursts of electricity, disrupting the cell membranes of harmful bacteria without affecting the taste or nutrients. Leading the charge is CoolWave Processing B.V. in the Netherlands, whose PEF systems are used to preserve juices, smoothies, and even potato products like French fries.

2. High-Pressure Processing (HPP): Squeezing Out Spoilage, Locking in Goodness

Think of HPP as a high-tech pressure cooker that operates in the cold. Imagine succulent tuna that retains its fresh-caught texture and delicate flavor even after weeks, or vibrant berries that burst with sweetness long after harvest. Elea GmbH in Germany is a major player, powering HPP treatment for pre-cooked meats and seafood, fresh juices, and creamy cheeses.

3. Ozone Treatment: Nature's Weapon Against Foodborne Foes

Harnesses the power of ozone, a naturally occurring gas with potent antimicrobial properties. Imagine strawberries staying plump and delicious for days, thanks to gentle ozone treatment from Energy Pulse Systems, Lda. in Portugal, extending the shelf life of delicate fruits and vegetables and reducing food waste.

4. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): Breathing Easy for Fresher Food

Picture juicy pre-sliced meats that stay appetizing for days longer, or crisp leafy greens that retain their vibrant color. Diverse Technologies, Inc. in the United States is a leader in MAP technology, creating custom gas atmospheres for pre-sliced meats, cheese, and baked goods, minimizing spoilage and preserving freshness.

5. Natural Antimicrobials: Harnessing Nature's Bounty for Food Safety

Nature offers a wealth of antimicrobial compounds, from the tangy bite of lactic acid in fermented foods to the aromatic power of essential oils. Imagine cheese sliced fresh weeks ago remaining safe and delicious thanks to nisin, a naturally occurring antimicrobial produced by some bacteria. Corbion, a Dutch multinational company, is a leader in developing and supplying nisin and other natural preservatives, paving the way for safer and healthier food options.

A Brighter Future for Food Preservation

These are just a few examples of the cutting-edge food preservation techniques shaking up the industry, driven by innovative companies like CoolWave, Elea, Energy Pulse, Diversified Technologies, and Corbion. By embracing these innovations, we can look forward to a future with safer, fresher, and more sustainable food for everyone. From zapping bacteria with electricity to harnessing the power of nature, the possibilities are endless. So next time you reach for a snack or cook a meal, remember, the science of food preservation is constantly evolving, ensuring that the tastiest, healthiest, and safest food is just a bite away.

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