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Multivac Introduces New Slicing Game and Packaging Solutions at Anuga FoodTec

February 2024

Articles - Food Processing

Multivac Introduces New Slicing Game and Packaging Solutions at Anuga FoodTec

February 2024

At the recent Anuga FoodTec event, MULTIVAC unveiled its latest range of slicing solutions, offering a comprehensive lineup tailored to diverse industry needs. From small and medium businesses to high-volume processors, MULTIVAC's slicers cater to a spectrum of requirements, each series engineered with specific features to optimize performance and efficiency.

1. Professional Series:

Target Audience: Small & Medium Businesses, Catering, Artisanal Producers

The Professional Series serves as an accessible entry point to industrial slicing, designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. Its versatility allows for slicing various products including cheese, processed meats, and plant-based options, ensuring attractive presentation with top-notch slicing quality. What sets this series apart is its user-friendly operation, facilitating fast product and format changes, thus enhancing operational agility. Additionally, the dynamic weight adjustment feature ensures consistent portions, while an optional interleaver provides added flexibility for product separation. Easy cleaning and maintenance further contribute to maximizing uptime, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficiency without compromising quality.

2. Performance Series:

Target Audience: High-Volume Processors, Diverse Needs

The Performance Series caters to high-volume processors with diverse slicing requirements. Featuring quick-change tooling for flexible applications, this series offers a two-track slicing capability, particularly beneficial for high-capacity raw ham processing. For cheese and long sausages, the four-track option with a maximum length of 1,850mm provides enhanced productivity. A notable addition to this series is the length compensation function, which not only boosts yield but also reduces waste significantly. Building on the success of the established SLX 2000 model, the Performance Series delivers proven performance coupled with innovative features to meet evolving industry demands.

3. Advanced Series:

Target Audience: Full-Range Producers, Medium/High Output

Serving as the pinnacle of MULTIVAC's slicing solutions, the Advanced Series is tailored for full-range producers with medium to high output requirements. This series, integrated into complete line solutions, bridges the gap between the Professional and Performance series. Despite its compact footprint, the Advanced Series offers unparalleled flexibility and high output capabilities. It maintains exceptional slicing quality and machine availability, ensuring optimal performance across various production scenarios. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, this series addresses the intricate needs of modern food processing operations.

Additional Highlights:

Across all series, MULTIVAC incorporates state-of-the-art circular blade technology to ensure precision slicing and minimal product giveaway. Live demonstrations at Anuga FoodTec provided attendees with firsthand insights into the capabilities of these slicers, showcasing their efficiency and versatility in real-world applications.

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