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June 2018

Interviews & Profiles - Interviews


June 2018

The GNT Group is a family-owned company pioneering in the creation of specialized, future-proof products from only natural ingredients. Frederik Hoeck, Managing Director of the GNT Group, presents success factors vital for producing the most natural high-quality colors.

Q 1: What are the challenges of manufacturing Coloring Foods?

Nature produces the most wonderful colors for us. However, fluctuations in color hues and color strength are natural. Our job is to balance out these fluctuations and to make our brand EXBERRY® the perfect solution for our customers. The good news is that we have 40 years of experience in doing this. To manufacture high-quality products, it is absolutely crucial to start with the right raw materials. Only when using fruits and vegetables that possess an inherently high color concentration it is possible to achieve a high color yield. They should be harvested at optimum color intensity, full ripeness and processed within a few hours to prevent color deterioration.

Q 2: How do you master these challenges?

In my opinion, if you want to be long-term successful in our market, you need to own the value chain. EXBERRY® stands for the widest color portfolio in Coloring Foods and the deepest vertically integrated supply chain. We control every step, starting from raw material cultivation by our experienced agronomist team, through to processing in our factories, and finally working together with our customer to create the perfect solution. In most cases, our vertical integration even starts with seed production, which gives us even more control over the final product.

Q 3: What is special within your production facilities?

The art here is to retain the coloring properties during processing and we do this by using only water and physical processing methods. Our processing lines were developed and optimized in-house to get the most out of each raw material. Proprietary blending procedures ensure standardization of EXBERRY® color and ultimately provide product suitable for largescale industrial use.

Q 4: You can harvest only at a certain time of the year. How can you guarantee reliable supply throughout the year?

EXBERRY® stands for year-round availability at stable prices and consistently high quality. Production of raw materials in different climatic zones is only one part of the solution. The other crucial part is to always keep sufficient color stock in a concentrated form. The average reach of our color stock is 18 months. This is a strong financial commitment from our side, but as a family enterprise we see this as an investment in supply reliability.

Q 5: Can Coloring Foods replace additive colorants in all applications?

We believe Coloring Foods will become the industry standard and will surprise the market with many more great alternatives to artificial colors. During the last 40 years, we have already filled a lot of gaps in multiple applications where Coloring Foods historically faced a lot of challenges. The first blue color solutions from spirulina for the confectionery market or introducing the black carrot as a color source are only two examples. This development is continuing with a good momentum and we can expect many more gaps to be filled in the years to come.

Q 6: What challenges arise for manufacturers when switching from colorants to Coloring Foods?

Our philosophy for EXBERRY® is not just to provide a color concentrate. Instead, we take a full service approach. Our clients can rely on us throughout the entire product development process, from color matching and production support to stability testing and factory implementation. Our experts also provide inspiration for commercial concepts stemming from our deep understanding of the market and give advice to ensure regulatory compliance. In this way, we ensure that the transition from artificial or additive colorants to natural concentrates is effective and trouble-free.


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