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For more than three decades Middle East Food (MEF) has been serving the Food Processing, Ingredients, Packaging, and Catering sectors in the MENA region & beyond, striving to provide a central platform to its readers, subscribers & clients through which cutting-edge high-quality news, information and data pertaining to food industry is presented.

headquarters (HQ) Collins Dictionary
Plural noun [with sing. or pl. v.]
1. the main office, or center of operations and control, of anyone in command.
2. the main office or center of control in any organization

Starting January 2018 issue, in order to reflect better our magazine’s mission as well as its global reach which is not limited to the Arab / MENA region, its name will change to “food HQ (fHQ)”.

fHQ will continue to be the focal point where industry professionals meet their needs. fHQ will be published monthly and will provide news, analysis, concepts and trends, product reviews & interviews with leading players in the food industry bringing its readers in-depth insights and information. As the leading B2B food magazine, fHQ is the vital link between international manufacturers, producers, exporters & agents / resellers in the B2B industry and is your ideal partner whether you wish to gain accurate and up-to-date insight on the food industry or whether you wish to gain maximum exposure to your company’s products and services.

Major food companies & manufacturers trust fHQ as their promotional platform of choice to have maximum exposure for their products & services and increase their market share. fHQ also enjoys a close partnership with leading food-related event organizers worldwide where it holds the status of official, regional or supporting magazine in major events where bonus copies are distributed to exhibitors, visitors and conference attendees.

In-depth food reports
Feature articles including interviews with key players
The latest regional international news about food projects
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Cutting-edge trends on food products

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Processing Online News

The food HQ website provides online insight for e-readers into the food industry through a combination of industrial news and trends, innovative technologies, country reports, and event news related to the Food, Beverages, Ingredients and Packaging sectors. fHQ website is going to be part of an industry portal which will be launched in January 2018. Log on to and delve into the world of food where current and archived issues of food HQ magazine are available for free to registered users in three formats (html, flash and pdf e-book) at your whim.

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Tomoko Yamashita

Marketing Manager | Yamato Scale Co., Ltd

It is a pleasure for Yamato to be published in MEF magazine along with other valuable and educative news and updates of the market. MEF magazine has not only helped us advertise our latest products, it has also enhanced our understanding of the food market in the Middle East region. It definitely is a great benefit for Yamato to have this opportunity with MEF Magazine.

Joni Ford

Senior Advertising & Promotions Manager | Kalsec®

Middle East Foods magazine has been an ideal media outlet for Kalsec® in reaching food professionals throughout the Middle East & North African region. Their dedication to service, partnerships with food related events, and their support of our marketing efforts has enabled Kalsec® to expand our presence in this region.

Mette Dal Steffensen

Marketing Coordinator | Palsgaard A/S

For more than 10 years Middle East Food magazine has been the preferred media partner for Palsgaard as they have helped us promote our emulsi ers and stabilizers to our target audience of food manufacturers in this region. With the help of this fine publication, our technical articles and advertisements have been distributed at some very important trade shows in the Gulf Region and have helped Palsgaard reach further markets in the Middle East.

Tracy Anderson

Marketing Executive | Heat and Control Pty Ltd

With the Middle East food processing industries continuing to grow and becoming a vital part of the global food supply, the MENA region is not only important to Heat and Control but every food processing equipment manufacturer. The MEF magazine, not only brings a wide range of topics, the most relevant news of the day for the region, they provide that vehicle via their vast network of readers and subscribers. Heat and Control has and will continue to utilize MEF’s variety of advertising capabilities, from print and online product advertising, to getting the latest news for Heat and Control out to a widespread audience.
Below are some of the leading companies who trust foodHQ to gain market share and increase their products & services exposure in the MENA region and worldwide!
Food Industry
The MENA Food & Beverage sector deal value for the full year 2016 surged to over USD3.4 billion, from just USD402 million the previous year, said Mergermarket. MENA consumers are on the pursuit of authentic and unique eating and drinking experiences.
With an increased penchant for health and wellness cuisine, sophisticated menus and trendy atmosphere, consumer foodservice value in MENA is expected to reach USD70 billion by 2020, with growth rates hovering between 3% and 5% during 2016-2020, according to Euromonitor International.
The GCC’s foodservice industry is set to grow at a rate of 6.8% CAGR to USD24.5 billion by 2018, according to Aaron Allen & Associates.
Growing population, high disposable incomes, rising tourist arrivals, increasingly urbane lifestyles and evolving consumer preferences have been propelling food consumption growth in the GCC, according to a report by Alpen Capital.
Food security remains a key priority for the GCC governments, which have not only been taking measures to enhance domestic productivity, but also are investing in farmlands overseas.

The global food and beverage (F&B) market has seen healthy growth over the last ten years and this is expected to continue. This is being seen, not just in the more mature retail markets in the US and Europe, but also in fast growing emerging markets in Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa.
The global food & beverage industry is expected to reach USD20 to USD25 trillion by 2030, according to recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan.
The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region in terms of consumer spending on Eating Out, with average annual growth of 7.5% is forecast for the 2017-2026 period, according to CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD.
The Americas and Europe have arguably the most mature retail markets in the world and so historic growth between 2006-2016 has been lower at 6% and 4% respectively, as these markets were more saturated prior to 2006.
Annual average growth forecasts for 2017-2026 remain positive but are lower than Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific, with the Americas anticipated to grow by 5.5% over the period and Europe by 4.9%.
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  • Classified Advertising: The Buyers' Guide (BG) is dedicated to companies planning to test the market with a limited budget.
  • Advertorials: This option has double use; to get story to food HQ's readers and to maximize the company's exposure by placing its full contact details.
  • Fixed Inserts: A popular and effective form of advertising as it makes your advert stand out from the rest!
  • Company Profile or Interview: This offers comprehensive coverage of your company's history and products, including an interview with a chosen executive.

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  • Web Banners: For ultimate exposure, place your hyperlinked web banner to your company's website, landing page or e-mail address on food HQ's website via a Leaderboard Banner, MPU Banner, Half Page Banner, and/or a Billboard Banner.
  • Newsletters: The monthly Newsletter contains several dedicated advertising spots, providing commercial partners with a cost effective and highly credible route into the inbox of food professionals globally.
  • Email Shots: We know how important it is that your email looks and reads right before you send it out to your existing and potential industry professionals. That's why our direct e-mail shots offer this opportunity using a vast user database.
  • Coming Events: The Coming Events service offers a comprehensive listing of food events, conferences seminars, and workshops.
  • Buyers' Guide: It is a service that offers high exposure at a nominal cost. The classified ad is 360 x 300 px , including company logo, product photo, and a brief message with contact details.
  • Business Directories: The Business Directories service puts you in contact with food-related suppliers, manufacturers, purchasers, sellers, re-sellers and high level professional employees who visit our website regularly.

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1/2 Page Spread 3,350 3,180 3,015 2,845
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4th Cover (OBC) 3,500 3,325 3,150 2,975
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2/3 Page 2,100 1,995 1,890 1,785
1/2 Page 1,750 1,660 1,575 1,485
1/3 Page 1,400 1,330 1,260 1,190
1/4 page 1,150 1,090 1,035 975


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2/3 Page 1,450 1,300 1,230 1,150
1/2 Page 1,200 1,080 1,020 960
1/3 Page 900 810 765 720
1/4 Page 700 630 595 550


Classified (Buyer's Guide) Ads & Rates (US$)
Frequency 1 - 3 Time(s) 4 - 6 Times 7 - 9 Times 10 - 12 Times
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Horizontal 1/2 Page Spread Print Size 400 x 118
Island 1/2 Page Print Size 118 x 186
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Horizontal 1/4 Page Print Size 180 x 60
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MPU GIF, JPEG, or Animated GIF 300 x 250 Pixels 50 KBs 650
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12 Months
Billboard GIF, JPEG, or Animated GIF 970 x 250 Pixels 50 KBs 1500
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12 Months


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Format Dimensions File Size Rate (US$)
HTML 900 Pixels In Width 100 KBs 350/CPM


Online Buyer's Guide Ads & Rates (US$)
Frequency 1 - 3 Month(s) 4 - 6 Months 7 - 9 Months 10 - 12 Months
Online Directory Listing 250 225 200 175
Twelve Times Prepaid       1,900


Online Coming Events Listing & Rates (US$)
Frequency 1 - 3 Month(s) 4 - 6 Months 7 - 9 Months 10 - 12 Months
Online Coming Events/Month 250 225 200 175
Twelve Times Prepaid       1,900


Online Directory Listing & Rates (US$)
Frequency 1 - 3 Month(s) 4 - 6 Months 7 - 9 Months 10 - 12 Months
Online Directory Listing/Month 100 80 60 40
Twelve Times Prepaid       400